2224/01/09, 21:34:45:

All is well.

In a colorful downtown bar, a girl with a sharply hooked nose and a feathered head is serving a Mai Tai to an Elven businessman. He will tip her poorly.

In an alley only ten blocks away, an attempted assault is foiled as a slender girl plants her feet and heaves her attacker 25 feet away from her and into the street, directly in the path of an oncoming car. The man will be declared dead by a doctor two hours later.

In a small but comfortable flat, a little girl with brown hair and freckles celebrates her ninth birthday. She takes a deep breath, blows out the candles on a chocolate cake and her friends and family clap enthusiastically. She will grow up to be a firefighter.

Welcome to New Washington.

Where am I?


New! Que Sera Sera, the story of an imp and her dad

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