The Age of Corporations is an era in a fantasy version of our own Earth, focusing on a city in the ex-United States called New Washington.

What separates this version of Earth from ours is a single crucial event - a disaster that occurred just as the year 2000 rolled around. It was precisely then that all around the world, even in the warmest climates on the planet, a soft snow began to fall. It blanketed the Earth all over and suddenly its legends came to life again.

The return of magic and legend was not a gentle thing for the world. Cities collapsed worldwide and millions of people died. Angry at her dormancy, mother nature summoned otherworldly beasts to strike at the human blight. The race that humans immediately recognized as elves returned, blinking and unremembering of the time that they had been gone. With these new but confused allies, humans fought to defend the lives they had built for themselves against Gaia's wrath. Refugees fled inward as the coastlines inexplicably rose. The Western United States was swallowed by thick, monster-infested forest. Western Europe became embroiled in a war with the Dragons of their ancient legends. A powerful madman rampaged his way through the midwestern US, only ending his reign of terror with an explosion that had the force of an A-Bomb near the mountains of West Virginia. People struggled for their lives worldwide.

Eventually, the refugees of the Eastern half of the United States gathered in the wake of the madman's explosion, as it was the only place in the Americas that the monsters refused to go. There they set up camp. The camp became a town, and the town became a city.

That city grew and developed and eventually became a place called New Washington. It would be one of the most interesting and noteworthy places on Earth, as well as the place that inspired the name "The Age of Corporations".

It is now the year 2227 in Earth's Common Era. It has been over a hundred and fifty years since the City-State of New Washington was founded.

Since its inception, New Washington has blossomed into the largest city in the world, an urban landscape the size of some countries. Nearly every civilized race in the modern world is represented there, with humans forming the unparalleled majority and elves not far behind. While New Washington is technically a Democratic Republic, its operation is primarily as a Corpocracy; major corporations control, govern and police the city rather than the government itself.

New Washington is a fairly martial society. Over half of the citizens of the city are certified in some form of combat training and most openly display weapons at home, on the street and even in the office. Danger is a way of life in the city, and even an unremarkable citizen must dodge such life-threatening situations as corporate war, mercenary or terrorist attacks and monster raids to survive.

This site is dedicated to the stories of the people living in this world, and mainly in New Washington. Welcome to the new epic landscape.